The Presidents Lake
Nicknamed by the press after trips by Presidents Bush father and son, both avid bass fishermen. This 55-acre world-class fishery is the magnificent centerpiece of Scott’s ranch, designed and managed using all the hard-earned know-how of Scott’s lifetime career in bass angling. Over the past 23 years it has been the venue of many fishing shows and fished by celebrities and the world’s top pro anglers.

Tabernacle Lake — named for the historical l846 country church that sits at one end of the lake where Ray and his wife were married. This mature, fertile l8-acre honey hole has been lovingly managed by Scott since he bought the property in 1970 and it consistently produces trophy-class fish.

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Judgef Washington DC , displays a 9lb 12oz bass caught during his recent stay at the Ray Scott Trophy Bass Retreat. Roberts caught three of his “personal best” during his November 2009 stay including a 10lb 8oz and a 10lb 2oz bass.

Red Eagle Lake
The newest 14-acre “experimental” lake is stocked with all females to eliminate over-population and provide an abundance of food to grow bass to their absolute maximum potential. And Ray let his imagination go wild when he created this largemouth sanctuary loaded with structure to create the ultimate bass environment.

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